-approved clear bags that are surprisingly stylish — starting at $10

They're spacious enough to fit all of the essentials.
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Spring has sprung which can only mean one thing: outdoor concert season is finally here. Whether you're attending a sporting event or multiday festival, you may be required to carry a clear bag into the venue for security reasons.

From crossbody purses to fanny packs, we found a variety of options when it comes to clear bags. Check out these top-rated options you can carry as you cheer for the home team or fangirl over your favorite artist of the moment.

What kind of clear bag is permitted in stadiums?

According to the National Football League, bags that are "clear plastic, vinyl or PVC" are acceptable, so long as they don't exceed one foot in width and length. In addition, no amount of decor, buckles, hardware or embellishments can be covering the contents of the bag, unless it is a stadium- or league-issued bag.

Attendees are also allowed to bring a small clutch "approximately the size of a hand" into the stadium. There are some exceptions to the rule, with stadiums allowing phones, keys, cameras, wallets, feminine products and other smaller items to be tucked away in pockets rather than bags.

The NFL instated this policy to ensure a safer environment for all fans, as well as a faster entry process into the stadium.